Corporate Overview

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2016

For 30 years now, our core philosophy at Trilithic has always been to put our customers first by ensuring that we are on the cutting edge of technological trends affecting our industry. During this time, Trilithic has been doing one simple thing that sets us apart from most companies as they continue to grow and that is listening to our customers. This focus on our customer's voice has allowed Trilithic to become an extremely nimble and adaptable company that easily adapts to new challenges our customers face by creating the products that our customers want and need. By simply listening to our customers, Trilithic has become a trusted leader within the industry that delivers products of the highest quality which include all of the features they need, all at an affordable price.

During the last 30 years, I have had the pleasure of being able to work with some of the brightest minds in our industry and I would like to pass along my sincere gratitude to all of our customers, strategic partners, and our employees for making Trilithic a worldwide success for over 30 years now! As we all move forward together in 2016 and beyond, we want to say thank you for your continued support and the confidence you have entrusted in Trilithic!

Terry Bush, CEO & CTO

Putting Innovation Within Reach

Product innovation at Trilithic has always been characterized by one thing: it's practical. It makes life easier for customers. It's the natural result of listening to them. That philosophy has been the driving force behind the company's growth from its beginnings as a two-man engineering team in 1986 to its current position as a global manufacturer with more than 130 employees.

A privately held company, Trilithic broadend its original RF and microwave component product line by acquiring Filters manufacturer Cir-Q-Tel and instruments manufacturer Texscan, adding broadband solutions to the product line. The company also expanded operations to Thailand in 2001, to meet increasing demand for its products in the growing markets of Asia.

As new communications applications continue to emerge, part of Trilithic's business has evolved into managing change—helping customers respond quickly to market opportunities with innovative technology and individualized solutions. But the core value of Trilithic's business approach—listening to customers—hasn’t changed. Keeping that focus intact will help provide better products in the long run and ensure continued growth for decades to come. Trilithic is comprised of two major divisions:

Broadband Instruments

The company is best known for innovations in signal level measurement, leakage detection and reverse path maintenance—like the use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, which lets field technicians upgrade their signal analyzers by simply downloading firmware.

Emergency Alert Systems

Trilithic's EAS division is a leading supplier of homeland security government-mandated emergency alert systems for broadband and other communication system providers. As the communications industry continues its rapid evolution, Trilithic has begun offering comprehensive systems and services to address a wide variety of emergency alert system needs, including the design and architectural layout of complex analog and digital EAS networks.