Trilithic's FCC Certification

As a manufacturer, all of Trilithic's EAS and CAP-IPAWS Equipment is or will be certified and in compliance with the FCC Part 11 Regulations. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to certify EAS equipment with the FCC.

Trilithic has two separate FCC Certifications for our different EAS hardware systems as they are physically different platforms.

Our FCC certification IDs are:

  • EASyPLUS FCC ID: P4V-EASYPLUS-1 Issued 7-10-2002
  • EASyCAP Encoder/Decoder FCC ID: P4V-EASYCAP-1 Issued 11-28-2011

For your convenience, here is a link to the FCC Certification page. You can also search for our FCC Certification at using the Grantee Code: P4V

Regarding SDoC Concerns

Please reference FCC Fifth Report and Order paragraphs 164 – 167 highlighted herein.

For your convenience here is a link to our current sDoC in the Responder Knowledge base